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Central Lofts

We are designing the Central Lofts, a 30-unit apartment building with retail on the ground floor, our second project in downtown St. Johns.  The site was formerly the home of the Central Hotel and is located at the corner of N. Philadelphia and N. Lombard.


The site’s compact 6,750 square feet size and location present unique design challenges. It abuts a public plaza on two sides and provides views to the St. Johns Bridge to the west, inviting the team to find creative solutions to knit this project into the fabric of the neighborhood.


Our response to the plaza is to provide ground floor spaces with generous windows that offer ample opportunities for restaurant, cafe, or retail activity to spill out into the plaza. Oriole windows in the units above connect residents with the plaza and neighborhood to the south and east and the bridge and Forest Park to the north and west.


The project will feature cross-laminated timber as the primary construction material.


Construction is expected to be complete in Fall 2020.