Kathy Johnson, AIA, LEED AP



Over her twenty years in the profession, Kathy has developed a careful, thoughtful, and thorough approach to her work. Her diligence has been instrumental in parsing the complexities of renovation projects, preserving the important elements in historic buildings, untangling red tape, and writing building code appeals. We value her attention to detail and effective communication style, and deep knowledge of building and zoning codes, especially as they apply to historically significant structures and buildings listed on the National Historic Register.

Kathy has also been instrumental in shepherding affordable housing projects through the design process. She has the refreshing ability to communicate with diverse audiences and can translate complex design ideas in a way that is accessible to all.

Kathy has worked on new construction and renovation of commercial and residential buildings, including historic landmarks. Her portfolio includes educational facilities from K-12 to universities. She has also lent her skills to renovation work at the Portland International Airport, among other publicly funded projects.

Before receiving her Master of Architecture from the University of Virginia, Kathy worked as a barista, an intern at Portland’s Bureau of Planning, and a crisis intervention worker – all of which she feels prepared her in some way for a career in architecture. She received a Bachelor of Art in Art and Art History from Reed College.

You can't go home again


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First backpacking trip. Has bear encounter. Vows to never, ever do it again.

What your art history degree gets you


Slings coffee at the brand-new Grand Central Baking Company on SE Hawthorne.

Paradigm shift


Moves to central Virginia. Discovers no one wears stripey t-shirts there.

You can go home again


Moves back to Portland.

White whale


Purchases unnecessarily large and overly decrepit 1904 duplex.

It's official


Becomes a registered Architect



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Sierra Nevada


Hikes +/-150 miles of the John Muir Trail. Spends birthday at 11,000 ft. Injures two ankles, two knees and a wrist. Vows to never, ever do it again.



Joins Jones Architecture