Forrest Perkins


Hailing from Calais, Vermont, Forrest has built his career in architecture from the ground up with a background in foundations, carpentry, and façade fabrication. Holding a Masters in Architecture from Northeastern University, he is inspired by architecture’s utopian ability to improve the world. He is interested in using his design skills to create environmentally friendly buildings, housing for all, and community spaces that bring people together.

A former youth baseball coach, Forrest likes to spend his spare time participating in soccer and softball leagues around the city. Vermont to the core, he is a big fan of the Grateful Dead and can often be found at venues across town, searching for the best cover of “Eyes of the World” Portland has to offer.

Early Inspirations


Bored at age 10 on a family vacation, is introduced to SketchUp by God-Mother Annie(an architect). Spends hours designing a farm.

Work and School


Starts first construction job and spends the summer working for Hutch Brothers Concrete building foundations in Vermont. Begins architecture school at Northeastern University in Boston that fall.

Work and Travel


Builds his first house in Vermont for Clark Builders. Studies abroad in Berlin that fall, where he is inspired by European design in which environmental protection and affordable living for all is prioritized.



Graduates in May from Northeastern University with a Masters of Architecture. His thesis design project is part of a year long group study of Community Health Centers around Boston. His individual project focuses on troubling trends in the health of young men and how the design of a Health Center could address these issues.



Drives across the country in a packed Honda Civic with his Dad and begins working for Jones Architecture in October.