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Carson South

Located in NW Portland, this project is one of a series of new buildings being developed on the 16 acre property formerly owned by Conway, Inc. This unusually large contiguous redevelopment site creates a new neighborhood within one of Portland’s most desirable districts, and represents a chance to sculpt the urban experience in this area for decades to come.


Carson South is located on the eastern half of a superblock which is bisected by a pedestrian way. The pedestrian way spills into a series of narrower alleys that break the block into a number of building sites. Smaller scale 3-story buildings line the pedestrian street. Larger 6-story buildings form an L along 21st Avenue, the commercially oriented thoroughfare on the western edge of the site, and Raleigh Street to the north. In addition to breaking down the mass of the buildings, the site parti creates ample opportunity for an active, pedestrian-oriented streetscape comprised of retail spaces, cafes, restaurants, patios, terraces, and walk-up residences.


The walkup residences are located in the 3 story buildings. Their design refers to the 2 and 3 story warehouse buildings that filled this district historically.


The 6 story building features ground-floor commercial spaces and is separated into 2 wings by the alley on the ground floor and an elevator lobby and skybridge on the upper stories.  The wings are broken down into a series of narrow bays. Facades step in and out, while balconies provide outdoor space for residents and visual interest for passersby.  The building pulls back from the 21st and Raleigh intersection, forming a corner plaza that connects to the pedestrian way via an alley.


The entire development sits atop two levels of underground parking.


All of the buildings will be clad in high quality materials such as brick, precast concrete, and wood-frame commercial storefront systems.


Block 295E is a joint venture with GBD Architects, Inc.